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I signed up on a few pages to receive updates for new jobs that were a stay at home option because I am a pregnant mother of a toddler.I had gotten an email from this company offering me this incredible opportunity making $2500 per month by staying at home and getting packages and then shipping them out.

I was a little nervous about it at first but I couldn't find any reviews or fraud signs about it anywhere so I said "What the heck" & took a shot. Boy was I wrong. They said they were a limited liability company based in Florida and that they had existed since 2008; WRONG! This "company" is some scam artists using people and their identities to buy goods and send them to foreign countries.

I only found out they were fraud because I've been "working" at this for a month now and I've started receiving packages back from the post office saying that the labels I put on the boxes were fraud & invalid, & this "company" provided me with those shipping labels So I did some extra hard digging and found out that they had gotten at least one other person with this scam.

They are scammers and they will steal your identity to get a credit card to purchase goods and ruin your name with fraud shipping labels to the post office and such.DO NOT FALL FOR THIS SCAM!!!

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